I’ve got a big idea for a series of articles I’d like to start writing. On its surface, the pitch is simple:

I’m going to show you, step by step, how to build a successful app as an independent app developer.

A map to fame and fortune

As you can see from this map, this is going to be quite easy.

The reality, of course, is that I have absolutely no idea how to build a successful indie app. I’ve never done it, and actually, if I’m being honest, it seems pretty hard.

Uncharted territory

But, that’s kind of the point. I’ll write these articles in real-time, as I attempt to build and ship my own wildly successful independent app, in the hopes that I’ll end up with a fun and compelling chunk of writing regardless of how that app turns out. If I defy the odds and manage to actually build something that finds some version of even moderate success, then I’ll have documented many of the steps (and missteps) I took to get there, which will hopefully be interesting and helpful to anyone else aspiring to do something similar. If I jump ship halfway through development, or release an app into the void and never get so much as a dime out of it, then my hope for this series is that it becomes a funny and honest look at how hard it can be to find success as an independent app developer in 2020.

More than anything, it’ll be a fun outlet for me to write about the ups and downs of setting out on my own and trying to build something worthwhile.

Here are a few initial goals I’ve got in mind for this thing:

  • I generally want to keep the articles pretty short and easy to read.
  • I want to write something about once a week.
  • I want a good mix of technical and non-technical stuff.
  • I want to keep things light and self-deprecating. You can go ahead and imagine that every article has this image featured prominently:

A dog at a computer

…because, despite now having built apps professionally for something like 8 years, I still feel like a dog in a tie on a day-to-day basis. I think that’s normal, especially when embarking* on a new project like this, and I think that’s okay — it means I’m still pushing myself and improving at the things I do.

Come along for the ride! I’ll post updates on Twitter. You can find me here.

* Just wanted to call attention to this dog pun. I’m off to a good start.